About The Jackson Alliance

“The Jackson Alliance is the central Economic Development Organization for all of Jackson County, Georgia.”

About The Jackson Alliance

The Jackson Alliance is organized under The Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce, and serves as the central economic development organization for Jackson County, Georgia.  The Jackson County Chamber has several committees – including the Economic Development Council.  The Economic Development Council oversees the economic development activities performed by the Chamber. The Jackson Alliance is an arm, or subcommittee, of the Chamber’s Economic Development Council and is a public-private partnership for the economic advancement of Jackson County. 

Goal of The Jackson Alliance

The goal of the Jackson Alliance is to make Jackson County a globally competitive premiere place to do business.

The Jackson Alliance is a part of the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce, which gives interested businesses the opportunity to join The Jackson Alliance in order to help and support economic and community development.  There are several benefits to being a member of the Jackson Alliance, such as networking events and several opportunities to get you business in front of potential clients.

Alliance Members?

Funding for The Alliance comes from membership dues, which is why members are referred to as “Economic Development Allies.”  Joining The Alliance has a real impact on Jackson County’s economic growth.  Alliance Members are from both private and public organizations that share a common interest in Economic Development.  Allies from the public sector include all three of Jackson County’s school districts, Jackson County Government, electric utility providers (Georgia Power and Jackson EMC), and most cities within Jackson County.  Alliance Members from the private sector include most of the commercial / industrial real estate developers & brokers that are doing business in Jackson County.  Several Alliance Members are businesses that provide services and products for the industrial and real estate development industry sectors, such as civil engineering firms, industrial equipment & supply companies, etc.  Check out the newly revamped Membership Benefits >>

Meet the Allies

These are just some of the organizations who have partnered for Economic Development

Join The Jackson Alliance!

Support Economic Development

If you’re doing business in Jackson County and are benefiting from all the Economic Development, then you should definitely join The Alliance.  Membership dues fund Economic Development in Jackson County, so when you join, you become an “Ally” for Economic Development.  Plus, the new Membership Benefits are amazing.