Diligent Investment Group (DIG) is a private commercial real estate investment sponsor and consulting group headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The foundation of DIG’s acquisition strategy is to provide real estate liquidity to owners of commercial real estate whose core practices fall outside the business of professional real estate ownership.

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Diligent Investment Group primarily invests in single-tenant assets of all kinds, particularly office and industrial facilities, as well as un-entitled land in need of pre-development work. DIG is privately funded by a network of high net worth individuals, allowing DIG to be nimble, creative, and aggressive in acquisition and value creation strategies.

Diligent Investment Group offers liquidity to a variety of facility user types, including:

  • Office Headquarters
  • Hospitals
  • Truck Terminals
  • Hotels
  • Vacant Land
  • RV or Car Dealerships
  • Parking Garages
  • Distribution Buildings
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Gas Stations
  • Golf Courses
  • Stand-alone Retail or Restaurants
  • Schools
  • More

Diligent Investment Group:

Commerce Exchange Business Park

Check out the Commerce Exchange Business Park, a prime 105 acre industrial site in Jackson County, GA that’s offered by Diligent Investment Group.

Commerce Exchange Business Park

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