Jackson County, Georgia’s Regional Workforce

Regional WOrkforce of over 776,000

Within a 45 minute drive from the center of Jackson County, Georgia

A major part of Jackson County’s success is the huge regional workforce.

1. Three large population centers surround Jackson County, GA

Jackson County, GA has a population of just over 70,000 and a local labor force of roughly 35,000.  Despite having a small population and workforce, companies are still flocking to Jackson County to take advantage of the large, readily available regional workforce.  The regional workforce that’s within a 45 minute drive from the center of Jackson County is more than 776,000 strong!  Gainseville is to the North, Athens is to the South, and Gwinnett County is immediately West and has a population exceeding 1 million.

2. Easy Commute

Interstate 85 greatly increases the size of the area that employers in Jackson County can pull from.  Hwy 441 in Commerce and Hwy 129 in Jefferson are four lane, divided highways running North and South through Jackson County that add to the size of the regional workforce.  

With all the economic growth taking place, people are looking to the job opportunities in Jackson County as a way to work closer to home and reclaim time spent driving to work in Atlanta.

3. Great Employers

Paying higher wages isn’t the only way to attract top employees.  Several of Jackson County’s established industries have made the effort to get engaged in the community which increases job satisfaction and leads to an easier time finding and keeping employees.

Jackson County’s Workforce Development + Education

Amazon’s STEAM Engineering Challenge at Jefferson Middle School

Amazon’s Jefferson Fulfillment Center held a STEAM Engineering Challenge for students at Jefferson Middle School that required them to collaborate and to think critically and creatively. Amazon also donated $10,000 worth of STEAM equipment to help educate and inspire Jackson County, Georgia’s next generation of innovators!

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