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Revamped Membership Benefits!

“Relationships are everything in Economic Development,” and our revamped Membership Benefits are focused entirely on helping you make the connections and relationships you need to be successful in Jackson County, GA.


Recommended for businesses that are looking to get established in Jackson County, or hope to take advantage of all the economic activity in the area.  The Ally Membership Level is a great value because you’ll receive a LOT of the key Membership Benefits.


Recommended for businesses that have large investments in Jackson County and have a strong interest in Jackson County’s economic development. The Partner Membership Level is all about helping you get the support and relationships you need in order to be successful.


Recommended for public-organizations that operate with tax dollars generated from economic activity in Jackson County.  The Leader Membership Level starts at $10,000 has a direct impact on Economic Development.  

Membership Level Comparison

Membership Benefits Explained

What Alliance Members Want...

We asked several Alliance Members what they wanted to get from their Membership, and then updated our menu of Mebership Benefits based on their feedback.  Check out the new Membership Benefits below!


You’ll be the first to know of the latest & greatest Economic Development News from Jackson County so you can respond a little quicker.  Get the latest business news, announcements, upcoming events, and other relevant information sent directly to your inbox. 

Don’t worry, we won’t overload your inbox.  You’ll get the Newsletter about once a month, once there’s a decent amount of content worth sharing with Alliance Members.  

One-on-One Meetings

You’ll get a chance to meet one-on-one with the decision makers from the new projects that locate in Jackson County. We’ll get you in front of the right people, but you’ll still have to close the deal.

Networking Events

The Broker’s Reception – Very well attended by all the top-players in Atlanta’s commercial real estate and economic development community.  The Broker’s Reception is held in a central location in Atlanta.

Annual Chamber Golf Tournament – Get four free tickets for the best golfers you can find to represent your organization at the Chamber’s Annual Golf Tournament.

More to come…


Featured Listings

Property Listings – Only Alliance Members have their properties featured ALL over this website.  All other Industrial Properties are listed on the Property Search page only.  

Products & Services – If you’re in B2B sales or you provide a business service such as Civil Engineering, you can get listed on our website or even have a write-up done promoting your business.  

Full Page Listing in the Jackson County Chamber’s Business Directory – When new business come into the area, they often ask the Chamber staff for recommendations of who to do business with.  New (or even Established Industries) are provided a hard copy of the Chamber’s Business Directory.  As an Alliance Member, you get a full page listing!

Customized Support

Your business goals are unique and so is the support you’ll receive as an Alliance Member. Get in touch and let’s talk about the specific ways you can benefit from your membership in The Jackson Alliance.  Contact us >>

Next-Level Networking

If you’re heavily vested in Jackson County, then your long-term success probably depends on having a strong working relationship with local leadership. For Alliance Members at the Partner Level and above, we create unique opportunities for you to establish and strengthen those key relationships.

These events are put together just for you.  Get in touch to learn how you can benefit from our “Next-Level Networking.”

Exclusive Sponsorship Opportunities

As the “Exclusive Sponsor” you get exclusive access to your target audience so you can develop new leads and build trust. These opportunities come available throughout the year and are offered only to Alliance Members at the Partner Level and above.  You won’t find a better way to get in front of local business and community leaders to show your commitment to Jackson County’s success as a “Partner for Economic Development.”

Online Membership Application

Joining The Alliance is easy.  To get started, just submit the Membership Application and we will be in touch with ASAP!  Contact us if you have questions about joining The Alliance >>

Your Membership

Makes a real Difference

In Jackson County, Economic Development is funded by membership dues.

By joining The Jackson Alliance, you’re partnering with Jackson County to be an “Ally for Economic Development.”  Thanks to these mutually beneficial partnerships, the Economic Development team has been able to make several significant contributions to Jackson County’s economic growth & prosperity.

We take your investment seriously.  We’re committed to providing a high-level of value and return on your investment.  Your Membership makes a REAL difference.