Georgia’s International Trade Team

Georgia’s Korean International Trade Representatives visited SK Battery America’s construction site in Jackson County, GA so they could see the site first-hand.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Korea Office was a vital part of SK Innovation’s decision to locate in Georgia.  John Scott, the Director of Economic Development for Jackson County, Georgia stated “the amount of support the Korean Office (GDEcD) provided during our negotiations with SK Innovations was incredible.  Having a team on the ground, in Korea made all the difference!”

Korean Companies Supported Locally

All over the world, the Georgia Department of Economic Development has international trade offices that are located in prospective businesses home country.  The International Trade Offices can provide foreign based businesses with the help and resources they need to come to Georgia in their own language.  This is a huge advantage for companies in Korea that may want to do business in the U.S. or are even SK Suppliers looking to locate in Jackson County, GA!

Georgia Department Economic Development Korea Office Yoonie Kim

Senior Project Manager Yoonie Kim (far right in the image) is based in the U.S.  Director Ji-Yeon Kim ( and Managing Director Peter Underwood ( are both based in the Korea Office.

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