Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce

The Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce (better known as “The Jackson Chamber”) is a member driven business, non-profit organization that serves as the voice of the business community – for all of Jackson County.  The Jackson Chamber is comprised of the business leaders, partners, and supporters that are all committed to creating a thriving local economy and a vibrant community.

According to the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce website, the Mission and Vision of the Chamber is…

Mission Statement

The mission of the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce is to promote business success and enhance quality of life by being the leader in economic and community development.

Vision Statement

The Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce will be the trusted leader for the advancement of economic growth and enhancement of quality of life for Jackson County.

Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce’s Role in Economic Development

The Jackson Chamber has been entrusted with the responsibility of serving as Jackson County, Georgia’s central Economic Development Organization (EDO).  In order to fulfill this responsibility, the Jackson Chamber created “The Alliance for Economic Development, Jackson County, Georgia (aka the Jackson Alliance).”  This website belongs to the Jackson Alliance – which is organized under the Jackson Chamber.

The Jackson Chamber serves as a bridge to all the organizations that are stakeholders in Jackson County’s Economic Development, which makes the Jackson Chamber a natural fit for representing all of Jackson County in Economic Development.  The Jackson Chamber staffs the Jackson Alliance.

Jackson County, GA does have the standard Economic Development Organizations, such as the Jackson County Industrial Development Authority (JCIDA).  The JCIDA has a board of five members and was organized as an amendment to the State of Georgia’s Constitution.  As a “Constitutional Authority,” the JCIDA has various rights and abilities that can be used for promoting Economic Development, such as Issuing Bonds.  The JCIDA works with the Economic Development staff at the Jackson Chamber (Jackson Alliance) on Economic Development Projects to successfully close deals.

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