Top Employers Jackson County, Georgia

2019 Top Employers List

Jackson County, Georgia

Amazon is Jackson COunty’s Largest Employer

One Sorting Center + Two Distribution Centers + 2,500 Associates

Roughly 2,500 people work for Amazon in Jackson County, Georgia!  Amazon has two distribution centers and one sorting center in Jackson County.

In addition to creating 2,500+ jobs that pay $15 hourly or more, Amazon has also become very active in the community.  As of May, 2019, Amazon has made two donations to local elementary schools for STEAM Education that total $60,000!

Amazon is serious about fast delivery times. Jackson County’s numerous transportation assets and strategic location Northeast of Atlanta on Interstate 85 is why Amazon and other distribution centers have located in Jackson County.

Amazon owns Whole Foods Market, which also has a distribution center in Jackson County.  Whole Foods Market employees were not included in Amazon’s total employment count.



Jackson County’s Established Industries

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