SK Innovation SK Battery America

SK Innovation, a Korean based manufacturer, announced today that Jackson County, Georgia would be the official location for their battery manufacturing facility.  SK Innovation’s subsidiary company, SK Battery, will be investing $1.67 billion in the manufacturing plant and will hire around 2,000 employees!

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SK Battery America

The project has officially been titled “SK Battery America.”  The plant is to be built in Jackson County, Georgia, within the City of Commerce. More specifically, SK Battery America’s site will be located off of Exit 147 off of Interstate 85, which is located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  SK Battery America is located in what was formerly known as the “Commerce 85 Business Park,” which was developed by Rooker,a commercial / industrial design, build, develop group.

Lithium Ion Batteries for the Automotive Industry

Jackson County, GA is located right in the middle of the booming automotive industry that has become established in the Southeastern United States over the past several years.  The close proximity to so many great automotive manufactures is one of the reasons SK Innovation selected Jackson County, GA.

The Automotive Industry is changing quickly.  Self driving cars are becoming a reality, and lithium-ion battery technology has advanced to a point that’s drawing the attention of a lot of auto makers around the world.  SK Battery America will be taking advantage of the changing automotive industry and will be able to produce top-quality lithium ion batteries right here in the United States.

SK Battery Getting Started

SK Battery America will begin work in early 2019 and they plan to begin production sometime in 2020.  The first phase of this project, which accounts for the $1.67 billion investment, will take place between 2019 and the end of 2025.  SK Innovation expects to hire just over 2,000 new employees at their new location in Commerce, GA, which will also take place between 2019 and late 2025.

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