Jefferson City Schools have transformed learning over the past several years through the use of a STEAM Center for grades pre-k through 12th. The teachers use online scheduling to give their students access to hands-on, technical learning stations at the Jefferson STEAM Center. 

The Jefferson STEAM Center is extremely well-stocked with the most cutting-edge STEAM Education equipment and software, including:


  • Z-Space virtual reality (HTC Vive)
  • AV rover
  • Little Bits Circuitry
  • A Learning Center focusing on making connections with power and magnets (sponsored by Georgia Power, who also sends employees to help teach)
  • 3D Design and Production Labs
  • Form Labs printer that takes resin and creates a 3D object
  • Tinker Cad training for students to design parts in 3D
  • Video Production
  • Google Tilt Brush (augmented reality software that’s used to draw with light and then interact with your creation)
  • Humanoid Robotics (Robot NAO) “Martin”
  • Music Production and Recording Studio
  • Dot & Dash programming (entry level for kids) – a popular robot that helps students to learn and practice computational thinking, program order, block coding and control
  • Industrial Robotics (design and programming)
  • Lego Creation Station
  • Lego robotics teams for grades 3-12 including summer camp days
  • Makey Makey – a teaching tool that uses micro-controls attached sensors, servo motors, etc., using alligator clips. Used to introduce students to programming hardware and how to make physical programming hardware.
  • Meccano Robotics (for younger kids) – a robot that can listen, take orders, and save simple programs in the robot.  Meccano is used as a 10 hour project which includes building the robot and several lessons on programming and mechanical engineering (runs off an app on their phone)
  • Genius Barn – Google Chrome books to research and communicate
  • Video Production
  • Digital Design Room (software similar to Adobe Photoshop)
  • Green room
  • iMovie Station
  • Spheros – tiny robots that students can create animation using programming

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