Georgia’s Innovation Crescent Regional Partnership is a regional economic development organization in the Northeast Atlanta Region and is a partnership between 15 counties in the area, one of which is Jackson County.  The Innovation Crescent was formed in 2007 as part of Georgia State Governor Sunny Perdu as part of his Work Ready Initiative.

The business climate in Jackson County is absolutely thriving for several reasons, one of which is the because of all the activity that’s taking place in the Northeast Atlanta, Georgia Region.  The Region has been able to successfully attract major investments because of the strategic location and transportation assets, skilled workforce, and cultural diversity.

The Region has a high concentration of skilled workers thanks to the several universities and colleges in the area.  In Jackson County, The University of Georgia is a major contributor to innovation and skill level of the workforce.  The University of Georgia is located just South of Jackson County in Athens and as the local economy continues to grow, college grads are increasingly migrating northward to Jackson County.

Diversity has resulted in innovative new ideas and business opportunities, including the announcement from South Korean based company, SK Innovation, to build a lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant in Commerce, GA (Jackson County) called SK Battery America.  Just West of Jackson County on Interstate 85 in Suwannee / Duluth area of Georgia is the third largest concentration of Koreans outside of Korea.  Population diversity has been hugely beneficial to Jackson County and the entire Northeast Atlanta Region which is served by the Innovation Crescent Regional Partnership.

Kristin Boscan, Executive Director of the Innovation Crescent Regional Partnership stated “Georgia’s Innovation Crescent represents a region that is thriving with innovative new startups. The economic development opportunities and partnerships in Jackson County largely contribute to the region’s innovative business culture.”

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