Empower College and Career Academy Jackson County Georgia

The Empower College and Career Center, also known as Empower C3 or even EC3, is a charter high school that will offer several different career pathways.  Empower College and Career Center will serve high school students from the Jackson County School System and Commerce City Schools beginning in the 2020 school year.  Empower C3 is part of the College and Career Academy initiative in the State of Georgia and is under the Technical College System of Georgia.

Partnership Between Business and Education

Empower College Career Center Meeting

Business and community leaders visited Thinc College and Career Academy in late 2018 to learn best practices and get ideas for EC3.

The Empower College and Career Center is the result of a six year long collaborative effort among Jackson County, Georgia’s established industries and businesses, educational partners, and community and elected leadership.  The participating businesses have a direct input in the curriculum so the skills the students are learning match the skills that are in high demand.  Of course, several businesses and industries even provided a financial contribution – which is VERY much appreciated!  See the businesses and industries that have partnered with Empower C3 >>

Even though school starts in 2020, there are still plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved with Empower C3.  Students, parents, elected officials, businesses, established industries, etc., can all be part of this partnership and provide meaningful contributions in terms of public support, input on curriculum, time, and financial contributions.

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Empower’s Location and Funding

The future home of the Empower College and Career Center is directly in the center of Jackson County.  The Jackson County School District is building a new high school which will be built in the western side of Jackson County near Braselton and Hoschton.  Once the new high schools is completed, the current high school, Jackson County Comprehensive High School will be converted for use as the Empower College and Career Center.

The Technical College System of Georgia approved $3 million in funding for the Empower College and Career Center on December 10, 2018.  This was one of the final pieces required to get Empower C3 funded.  Read the full press release about Empower C3 being approved for funding >>

Empower College and Career Center’s Vision and Mission

EC3’s Vision
Prepare all students for success by providing personalized pathways to higher education and career opportunities.
EC3’s Mission
Empowering learners for success in an ever-changing world.

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