Electric Cities of Georgia’s Office of Economic & Community Development, better known as “ECG,” is one of Jackson County’s utility partners that provides support for Economic Development be helping with new business recruitment and established industry expansions.  ECG also provides technical solutions like economic and demographic reports, available industrial property database, GIS mapping services, and customized marketing materials.


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Membership Organization

ECG is a membership organization that’s made up of the 52 electric utility communities in the State of Georgia.  In Jackson County, ECG services the City of Commerce area.  However, the ECG’s Office of Economic & Community Development serves the entire State of Georgia.  Their goal is to bring economic growth and development to the entire State which will in turn, benefit the ECG communities.  ECG’s member communities also get the added bonus of having access to help with retail recruitment strategy development, customized market research, and marketing materials.

How Electric Cities of Georgia Supports Economic Development

One main way ECG provides support for Economic Development is by acting as a liaison between local communities and prospective businesses that are considering locating in Georgia.  Typically, ECG’s Economic Development Team will partner with a Project Manager from the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD).  Once they know what the prospect is looking for and have identified the best possible properties that match the prospect’s needs, they then contact the local economic development representative to request more information.  In Jackson County, the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce created a sub-organization titled “The Alliance for Economic Development, Jackson County, Georgia (Jackson Alliance)” to serve as the central economic development organization for all of Jackson County.  You’re looking at the Jackson Alliance’s website right now.