Georgia Economic DevelopmentGeorgia was named the “Number 1 State for Business” for an incredible sixth year in a row in 2018!  The designation is given by Site Selection Magazine, which is a leading publication in the Economic Development Industry.  Site Selection Magazine monitors new project activity and expansions from established industries that are supported in some way from those in economic development.  They also talk with key decision makers that are involved in the site location decision making process (aka Site Selection Consultants).  Read the full article at >>

Georgia’s Thriving Business Climate

The State of Georgia has a thriving business climate and abounds with opportunity.  The tremendous amount of economic development the State is seeing is attracting businesses from all over the world.  Georgia has some incredible transportation assets that are attracting major investments to the State, such as the busiest airport in the world, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and the Nation’s second busiest port, the Port of Savannah.

A thriving business climate is great, but that alone won’t earn the title of “No. 1 State in U.S. for Business Climate” from Site Selection Magazine.  Site Selectors and real estate executives from all around the U.S. were surveyed (by Site Selection Magazine) on “What Matters Most: Site Selector’s Most Important Location Criteria.”  Here’s what the site selectors said were the 10 most important considerations for determining the State with the best business climate…

  1. Workforce Skills
  2. Transportation and Infrastructure
  3. Workforce Development
  4. Higher Education Resources
  5. Utilities (cost, reliability)
  6. Right-to-work State
  7. State and Local Tax Scheme
  8. Ease of Permitting and Regulatory Procedures
  9. Quality of Life
  10. Incentives

Strong Support for Economic Development

Governor Nathan Deal Amazon Jefferson Georgia

Governor Nathan Deal speaks at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Jefferson, Georgia.

Georgia has great elected leadership at the State level that knows and understands the value of creating economic opportunity for everyone and has made Economic Development a top priority.  Governor Nathan Deal has left an incredible legacy in Economic Development.  Learn more about economic development in Georgia at >>

If you have time, definitely visit Site Selection Magazine’s website.  There’s a lot of great information and you can click here to read the original article from Site Selection Magazine >> 

Check out what the Georgia Department of Economic Development has done in support of Jackson County >>