The Jackson County Industrial Development Authority (JCIDA) is a constitutional authority that has the responsibility for economic development for all of Jackson County, Georgia.   The JCIDA’s primary source of funding is from fees received for issuing bonds.

Although the JCIDA has an active Board that’s made up of five members, the JCIDA does not have staff.  Instead, the JCIDA pays membership dues to the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce.  The Jackson Chamber then uses the JCIDA’s membership dues (and those of all other Jackson Alliance Members) to fund and staff the Jackson Alliance.

  1. The JCIDA pays membership dues to the Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce.
  2. The Jackson Chamber funds and staffs the Jackson Alliance.
  3. The Jackson Alliance manages Economic Development for all of Jackson County, GA.
  4. The Jackson County Industrial Authority provides direction and approval for Economic Development projects.

The Jackson County Industrial Development Authority provides direction for the Economic Development staff at the Jackson Alliance.  The Economic Development team reports to the JCIDA Board and makes recommendations in matters relating to Economic Development projects, such as when and how to use incentives to spur capital investment in Jackson County from new business locations and established industry expansions.  The JCIDA then provides feedback and direction about how to proceed.

Using and Approving Incentives in Jackson County, GA

The JCIDA is not the only group that provides feedback and/or approval for using incentives: tax abatements in particular.  In Jackson County, before a tax abatement is offered, all stakeholders that will be directly impacted are given the chance to review the proposed tax abatement and voice their concern or approval.  The decision to provide a tax abatement is made as a group.  Final approval for incentives and/or tax abatements is subject to a vote in a public meeting of the appropriate governing bodies

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