In Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s Shelter-In-Place Executive Order, the Georgia Department of Economic Development was tasked with providing guidelines whether a Georgia-based business is considered “critical infrastructure” or “non-critical infrastructure.”  

Per the orders of the Governor and to accommodate the overwhelming response GDEcD received from businesses wanting to know if they qualify for the “Critical Infrastructure” business designation, materials for businesses to self-determine what category their business falls into.  Whether a business is “Critical Infrastructure” or “Non-Critical Infrastructure” plays a major role when a business is deciding “Should My Business Remain Open?”

Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Critical Infrastructure Designation Self-Determination

From the Georgia Department of Economic Development…

We are asking businesses only to please review the following guidelines.

In order to self-determine whether your company falls into the “critical infrastructure” or “non-critical infrastructure” designation, please read, “Should My Business Remain Open?”

Additional information is available in the “Frequently Asked Questions” HERE.

Please read these guidelines in their entirety to understand how your business is impacted by this order. This will allow you to make a self-determination as to whether or not your business is “critical infrastructure.”

After reading all of these guidelines in their entirety, if you remain unclear as to whether your business would be considered “critical infrastructure,” please email explaining in detail why your business does not fit clearly into any of the categories provided by the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).